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This isn’t just a hobby.  RC is a culture.  We race them, we crawl them, we break them into pieces by doing something absolutely absurd with them – but we rebuild them and keep going.  We understand that just because something is broken, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.  The same is true for human beings.  There are times that we get sick and need healing.  That healing involves more than just physical health – oftentimes it means we need to improve our mental health as well; to find something that makes us laugh and have fun.  So what could be better than letting kids that are in the process of healing at the hospital, enjoy some awesome RC action – and freak out their nurse!  I had the chance interview David Keller and Myke Marrone about this great charity affiliated with their RC group – the Minnesota RC Addicts.

The Interview: Minnesota RC Addicts

What is the name of your organization?

Minnesota RC Addicts.

When did you guys start this?

I started this group/ charity in October 2014.

Tell me the story – why did you start this?

I started the group to help get the hobby back to the way it used to be, this use to be a booming hobby but recent years it has kind of fallen off from where it used to be. I also thought once we got a good amount of people to join we could start donating and helping children out. I remembered being in the children’s hospital when I was little from being in a serious dirt bike injury, and always wanted something to do with my stay. I had a Traxxas RC car at home that I wish I could of been using there, from looking back that would of made the stay a lot better. So now I want to help kids by bringing the RCs to them which should hopefully lift their spirits and get them off the bed with hopefully a speedy recovery.

What do you hope to accomplish by doing this?

I hope to accomplish getting the hobby back to where it used to be by bringing great people together and help out the children and showing them how to have fun with these RCs!

What are the benefits for people that are involved with this charity?

The benefits are we usually have events going on at least once a month to get people together to help them out and just to have fun with the RCs. We try to put on a good show for everyone usually ends up causing broken RC cars and trucks, but that’s half the fun!

How can others get involved?

Others can get involved by hopping on Facebook and going to Minnesota RC Addicts if you’re in the state of Minnesota or if your out of state we have a page called Minnesota RC Addict Charity where we try to keep up to date on anything from the charity and where people can participate in our Raffles or just help up raise some money!

How can they contact you if they have questions?

You  can contact us by Email (minnesotarccharity@gmail.com), Facebook at Minnesota RC Addicts or Minnesota RC Addicts Charity, or come to one of our events and we can talk face to face.

What is the hardest thing you have had to deal with in regards to the charity?

I would say the hardest thing was just getting it started trying to get companies involved and getting hospitals to go along with what we are trying to do!

What is your favorite part about doing this charity?

My favorite part is the feeling you get when you help someone out, now I have the feeling from when I wake up to the time I got to sleep at night and I honestly feel like I’m making a difference in a kid’s stay at the hospital!

If you had one piece of advice that you could give to anyone that wanted to get involved in RC – what would it be?

If someone wants to get involved in the RC hobby my advice would be to truly think about what you want to do.  There are so many different areas you can do from Racing, Drifting, Bashing, Rock crawling and Speed runs. The list can go on and on.  It can get expensive quick so I’d recommend talking to hobby stores or fellow RC enthusiasts and talk to them about the different RCs there are and pick one that best suits your needs.

Anything else that you want to share/tell us about?

Only thing I would have to say is a saying a buddy tells me,

“Life’s Short, Play Hard”.


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  1. I first gotten involved with Minnesota RC addicts in January of this year, How I got involved I posted on facebook trying to get everyone involved into doing donuts for my newborn daughter she was fighting a good fight in buffalo for a month when we would come home I would fire up my rc and bash it for her doing donuts it was really weird but the truck ran accordingly to how she was doing at that moment . Well while she was in the hospital a group leader contacted me and was willing to help me and my family out on the cost during my princesses stay. That meant so much to me that i try to help the cause and will continue helping as much as i can for being miles away. After all rc’s shaped my child hood so all my trucks run for kids even my daughter is involved and she is four monts old now.