How To Be A Turn Marshal (and Not Be This Guy)

Turn Marshal RC Car Action

So you’ve made it to race day. Congrats! And then…you’re asked to be a turn marshal. Hope you’re not wearing those “toe shoes” (you know the ones we’re talking about).

Want to make sure you do an awesome job? RC Car Action and RC Driver give great rundowns of what you need to know. Here are some of the highlights to keep the race moving and your body intact:

1. Wear the right clothing. That means no flip-flops (why? See #5), and be sure to wear gloves, eye protection and long pants. Just ask yourself “what should I be wearing as I catch hurtling chunks of hot metal” and you’ll be alright.

2. Watch your corner. Four words: put your phone down. Someone texted you? Good for you. They can wait. This also means don’t watch the race, as tempting as that can be. Your job is to make your corner the smoothest, most trouble-free corner you can, and that won’t happen by navel-gazing or staring at that cute girl/guy who just walked in.

3. Be safe first, THEN be fast. We will let this do the talking:

Turn Marshal Hit Be Safe

4. Give racers a good start. No one wants to be put back on the track backwards, sideways or upside down. Do what you can for your fellow racer and give them a good drive line that is away from others and the general direction they would want to go. Don’t give someone an extra advantage, and be sure to help the person who was “in front/innocent” first, but this is not the time to practice your no-look shovel pass.

5. Help, but stay out of the way. It’s hard to race when you have someone standing in front of you. Stay low, and if you DO have to run out into the track, please look where you are going…

Turn Marshal Fail

6. Pull disabled trucks off the track. If you see a truck that is completely disabled (“in 10 pieces” or “engulfed in flames” is typically a good sign), pull it away (keep #3 in mind). Your job is not to fix it, even if it belongs to that cute girl/guy from #2. Just put it to the side and get back to being the best turn marshal possible.

Have any experience turn marshalling? Let us know your advice in the comments!